Brick & Stone Masonry

Brick & Stone Masonry

Many homes today are built with mixed materials such as brick and stone.  Brick uses a ledge/footing before it can be installed.  However stone can be installed two ways.  Real stone requires a ledge/footing just like brick.  They are stacked on top of each other with the edge sticking out.  This is referred to as stacked stone.  The other way is to apply mortar to the back of it and stick it to the house.  This does not require a footing.  Galvanized wire mesh is attached to the wall before it is laid.

There are two types of stone….natural and synthetic/cultured.  Natural stone is from a quarry and a mason can manipulate the stone by chipping it to make it fit.  Synthetic/cultured stone is manmade.  They do require a footing and are applied the same as real stone that is stuck on with the wire mesh.  Most homes today are made with synthetic/cultured stone because of the cost.

Common Questions


Do I have to tear down the entire brick wall because the mason didn’t install wall ties?

Not if you catch it in time.  We have a method to pull the brick wall back in and save it instead of tearing it down.  We install masonry anchors into the stud framing then recess the anchors to help disguise them.

Brick Walls

What happens if I let the brick wall continue to crack?

In severe cases, the entire wall will have to be dismantled and rebuilt.  Just because it may not be foundation related doesn’t mean that you don’t have a serious problem.  The answer is to catch it in time to save the wall.

Brick Repair

Can I change my existing masonry project to stone without tearing out the entire structure?

Absolutely.  We have done lots of projects to resurface the existing structure without tearing it out.

Stonework Steps

Stonework Steps