Methods We Use for Foundation Repair in Atlanta

Did you know Consumer Reports found 15% of new homes had “serious problems and defects, requiring homeowners to spend millions of dollars on repairs”? These poor foundations resulted primarily from the following two problems: Poor construction by the contractor Fill … Continue reading

How Much Does Atlanta Foundation Repair Cost?

If you want a quick answer to this question, you’re generally looking at between a couple thousand to over $10,000, or even more. That’s a broad range, but without actually examining the problem firsthand, that’s what you’re looking at.  To … Continue reading

When to Repair Your Atlanta Foundation

Settling Foundation

It’s unpleasant news when you discover your foundation needs repair.  But, it’s better to know it, deal with it, and move on than it is to have no idea that yours is in need of repair. If you wait too … Continue reading

Lawrenceville Foundation Repair Video

JSA recently recently worked on a foundation repair job in Lawrenceville. Some of the most common causes of a settling foundation in the this area include uncompacted fill dirt, negative slope of soil that brings water to the foundations, severe … Continue reading

Norcross Foundation/Footing Repair Video

If caught at the right time we can lift steps back into place without tearing them out. However if you wait too long the footing can crack/split and then it may be too late. Recently, we repaired the foundation/footing of … Continue reading

Stone Mountain Foundation/Porch Repair

We recently completed a foundation repair job in Stone Mountain, GA repairing front porch steps that had settled. With over 27 years of experience in foundation repair we strive to make our customers happy with our work. Stone Steps, garages, … Continue reading

Cartersville Front Porch Foundation Repair Video

Today we are in Cartersville, GA completing a foundation repair job by raising/lifting a front porch. Steps, garages, and porches are usually placed on uncompaced fill dirt causing them to settle.  Steps and porches usually can be lifted with our … Continue reading

Lifting Jacking Up & Raising Steps Porch- Suwanee Foundation Repair

Chimneys, porches, steps, basement walls, and other exterior structures are areas that typically show problems before anywhere else.  There are many causes to settling foundations but the main one is unstable soil.   Usually unstable soil is caused by uncompacted fill … Continue reading

Powder Springs Foundation Repair – Steps Settling

At JSA Specialists, we’ve built and repaired settling steps and foundations for more than 27 years and can tell you what steps are best to take. It pays to use the services of an experienced contractor who takes your best … Continue reading

Raising Up Side Garage Foundation – Footing Wall – Marietta, GA

With many foundation repair problems, it’s often necessary to do some masonry repair work as well. JSA is one contractor that provides both foundation and masonry repair. Keep in mind that it takes a high degree of skill and experience … Continue reading